Year after Year.  Following Thousands of Miles and Hundreds of Gallons of Whisky, Four CD's and an International Following:
“POPPA”D” AND THE AGGRAVATORS  have established themselves as the keeper of the flame of MODERN BLUES-ROCK.  The Common barriers facing a band of musicians doing the unconventional have been removed.  What is left is a Fun, Zesty Music we call D - BLUES!  Forget what you know about Blues Rock Bands.  We take elements from other popular Musical platforms to create a fresh approach.  So, there are no more excuses to not LOVE D-BLUES!   This website is designed to keep you on the cutting edge of all things "D"!   We will post concert dates, new videos and give you the chance to grab the latest sounds and fashions generated by The Aggravators! 
Feel free to contact us anytime .  You can request a Booking, suggest a venue or just say HI! so, strap in and come back often.  We update daily.   Greetings from POPPA “D” AND THE AGGRAVATORS,  Sit back and ENJOY THE WEBSITE!

We Thank You….
                      MOVING FORWARD!

A personal note from Dan ,Ed, and Bip.

Dear Friends of Poppa D and The Aggravators. As, you know the Governor of our Home State of Ohio has suspended the operation of our venues. The Aggravators will be shut down as well. I know many of our fans were disappointed by our cancellations in March but, rest assured we will make it up to you. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the many workers who can’t do their jobs right now. We hope you weather this storm without too much hardship. This is a strange time. Usually in a crisis American’s ban together and struggle as a community. This has turned out to be a crisis, that we must endure apart but remember you are not alone. Our East Coast tour plans for July remain intact at this time but, please remain flexible. Our prayers go out to the infected and we pray that they recover. We hope to see you soon. All our Love, The Aggravators

 2020 is basically on hold

 Our 5th CD (yet to be named) is still in the works but realistically we are now looking at mid 2021.  The Kansas, Minnesota and Alabama tour stops will not happen this year.


We are checking on the logistics of the idea. We don't want to do the cell phone thing I don't  the way they turn out. We may try to borrow a studio and do a set I'll keep you posted.

 Poppa D will be returning to “The Designated Drinkers” Podcast. Karlo and the gang are feverish Poppa D fans and it’s always a pleasure to tip some beers with them.

Our YouTube Page (Poppa D-TV) is up and running. D will post a rig rundown in the near future. There are always a line of guitar pickers at the shows trying to get a glimpse of D’s pedal set-up.

We always got things brewing so come back when you can for the D-News on Poppa D And The Aggravators

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Christopher's PUB

Christopher's Pub, 1318 Warrensville Center Rd, Cleveland Heights, OH 44121

We return to Christopher's Pub. It's a small but dedicated listening room. the patrons actually sit, listen, and enjoy!