After 30 years, Thousands of miles, Hundreds of gallons of whisky
“POPPA”D” AND THE AGGRAVATORS  have established themselves as the keeper of the flame of MODERN BLUES. The Common barriers facing a band of musicians doing the unconventional have been removed. What is left is a Fun,Zesty Music we call D - BLUES! Forget what you know about Blues Bands. We take elements from other popular Musical platforms to create a fresh approach. So there are no more excuses to not LOVE THE BLUES!  This website is designed to keep you on the cutting edge of all things "D"!  We will post concert dates, new videos and give you the chance to grab the latest sounds and fashions generated by the Aggravators! 
Feel free to contact us anytime . You can request a Booking, suggest a venue or just say HI! so, strap in and come back often. We update daily.   Greetings from POPPA “D” AND THE AGGRAVATORS, Sit back and ENJOY THE WEBSITE!

We Thank You….



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Blue Rock Cafe

 —  —

Blue Rock Cafe, 5827 Darrow Rd, , Hudson, OH 44236

It's been a year since our last visit and Rob has repaired all the damage. The Bartenders have finished their trauma counseling, and Matt's got a new cat. Bip is still sorry about the cat he thought it was a BIG MOUSE! The seatbelts have been installed! It's time to ROCK THE BLUE ROCK!!!!


CODA Live Music Venue

 —  —

CODA Live Music Venue, 2247 Professor Ave, Tremont OH, 44113

Let's WELCOME the FIRST dedicated Venue in Tremont that solely exists for the MUSIC. Pizza, Full service bar and exquisite atmosphere are the Creature comforts but underneath lies the true allure.. GREAT LOCAL MUSIC. Join Us!